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It isn't real easy to find kneeboard gear online, but we have listed below some of the most popular spots for getting a new kneeboard and the accessories necessary to get out and have some fun.

Overton's is the self-described largest distributor of water sports products and boating accessories, including kneeboards and accessories with brand names like Gladiator and Kaos.

Cabela's is a vast outdoor recreation store carrying everything for fishing, hunting and camping. In their boating department they carry some watersports items including a few models of boards and accessories.

West Marine
This huge online boating supply source stocks a vast variety of marine supplies and boat and water sports gear, including boards and boarding accessories.
WestMarine has kneeboards

Sports Authority
The biggest all-around sporting goods retailer in the United States also runs a good-sized online store as well. Check out the equipment in their boating/watersports shop. They stock kneeboarding ropes, handles, vests and wetsuits.
Shop Wakeboarding at SportsAuthority.com

Bass Pro Shops
Besides their big retail stores and their print catalog, Bass Pro's online store carries pretty much everything you need for boating, fishing and hunting, plus a small selection of boards, vests, ropes and other gear. Find them in their Marine/Electronics department.


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used kneeboards.

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